Ashkon Haidari (b. 1991) is a Chicago artist.

Drawing on a deep relationship with ancient history as well as his Persian heritage, Ashkon tells contemporary stories. In layered spaces that reference centuries of graphic art, he contributes uniquely to the legacy of surrealism. Engaging with a rich knowledge of cultural and art history, his work relates to old masters not only in content but in process. Despite being entirely self-taught; he takes a monastic, academic approach to painting. The arduous work and discipline contrast with a sense of self-exploration, as he often discovers the narrative or inspiration for a given work in it’s finality.

Ashkon has shown for over 10 years nationally. His work has been exhibited recently in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles & Seattle to warm receptions including a sell-out show (opening night) at Povos in Chicago in 2022.


Breakout Artists 2024: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers

Pushing a heavy red door to walk up to Ashkon Haidari’s Logan Square studio—a spacious brick building with industrial roots that houses creatives of all sorts—immediately gets you in the mood. Flooded with natural light, the space is lived-in, natural and buzzing with creative energy. Haidari is a great host: thoughtful and kind, he makes it easy to sit back and just enjoy the conversation.